“Train people well enough so that they can leave, treat them well enough that they don’t want to.”

– Richard Branson, Virgin Hotels

Dedicated to Quality for 15 Years

Regent Hospitality Consulting is a brand belonging to our parent company Regent Group, which has been an active participant in the catering sector since its establishment in 2006. For 15 years we have been, and continue to raise the quality of services within the catering industry by providing expert advice, staff education, and management of hotel and catering facilities.

Our expertise is based on the experience of our associates, consultants and trainers who have proven to be highly qualified experts in the catering sector for many years. Our primary consultants are certified by the Swiss Academy of Hospitality Management – Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern (SHL), allowing clients to receive the benefits of knowledge and experience from one of the highest quality educational programs in Europe.

Short Reference List

  • Hotel Russia, Skopje
  • Hotel Central, Vinica
  • Hotel Alexander Park, Vinica
  • Metropol Resort, Ohrid
  • Hotel Izgrev, Struga
  • Bushi Resort and Spa, Skopje
  • Hotel Continental, Skopje
  • Hotel Victoria, Скопје
  • Hotel Park, Ohrid
  • Hotel Urbanista, Shtip
  • Hotel Glorious, Veles
  • Hotel Manastir, Berovo
  • Hotel Desaret, Ohrid
  • Hotel Св. Наум, Ohrid
  • Hotel Silex, Ohrid
  • Hotel Porta, Skopje
  • Hotel Kratis, Kratovo
  • Hotel Capri, Bitola
  • Hotel Dolche, Skopje
  • Hotel Village, Ohrid
  • Hotel Astera, Skopje
  • Aurora Resort, Berovo
  • Hotel Brioni, Shtip
  • Hotel Gradche, Kochani
  • Hotel Garden Spa, Skopje
  • Hotel Netsko, Shtip
  • Hotel Portal, Skopje
  • Hotel Champion, Radovish

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