Staff Training

Professional, well-trained staff are the greatest asset in modern business

Professional staff recruitment, selection and training within the hospitality industry according to the needs of the hotel or restaurant facilities.

Staff Training

The expertise of employees is of utmost importance in regards to the quality of service

Our programs provide professional training and education for employees in hotels and restaurants.

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    • Risk Management in Hotels

      Purpose of the training:

      The purpose of this training is for the participants to be able to identify, assess and limit the risk in different situations in the hotel industry, through using concepts, methods and techniques for risk control.

      Outcomes from the training:

      After the training, the participants will be able to identify the main risks from different aspects. In fact, it is expected the hoteliers to be able to make a strategy controlling the risk, which will result in avoiding the risk, minimize the risk or accept the risk at different volume.

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