Our main goal is for our clients to accomplish a level of self-reliant model of operations management, while we always stand available to provide continuous training and additional extensive coaching.

Regent Hospitality Consulting is an international organization that associates numerous consultants specializing in various fields of the hospitality industry. Dedicated to upholding the international hospitality standards, we strive to improve the overall service quality and provide our clients with the know-how to improve their business and satisfy the needs of their valued customers.

We understand that every establishment in the hospitality industry is unique, facing different challenges in every stage of its business development. That is the reason why our team is focused on developing individual coaching strategies for every one of our clients. Consulting areas are covered both for the company and the management team accordingly, in order for you to reach highest standards in the industry and meet every goal you set along the way.

Qualified Consultants

All our team members, partners and associates who are involved in the consulting activities come from a diverse background in the hospitality industry, everyone with 10+ years of hands-on experience in the area they specialize in. In addition, several qualifications standards must be met in order to be a qualified consultant and a team member of the Regent Hospitality Consulting team.

We always encourage continuous improvement, professional and personal upgrade. On regular basis, our organization conducts internal training and seminars for all the members and associates. Certifications from well renowned international academies and organization play a great role in the selection process and engagement in consulting projects activities for our clients.

In addition, our lead and managing consultants are trained by the SHL – Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne, a unique centre of competence for practice-oriented Hospitality Management with national and international recognition.

Our clients